Shopping Mall Directory and Categories

Mall Lab is your solution to an organised, presentable and accurate representation of all vendors within your shopping mall. The websites we build for shopping malls are designed with the goal of providing customers with a simplified user experience; thereby enabling them to access directories and categories relevant to their needs.

With the power of our system, the mall manager has full authority to manage and assign categories, manage content displayed on each store page, upload images to stores and assign stores to relevant categories. Thereby; providing quality assurance across all stores.

Our system also provides power to each and every store owner. Thereby, granting them the ability to upload photos of their store, change their store description and even run and advertise their specials. Through Mall Lab, we provide you with the tools to empower your shopping mall along with the shops contained within. If shops don’t have a designated manager or are an entity of the mall – the mall manager will be able to manage the respective store pages.

Information is the most vital part of any directory. Mall Lab ensures that the provided data fields are relevant to the end-user. All information fields are according to market research. Thereby; ensuring that your clients will get all the information they need.

Our system encourages store owners to produce content exclusive to their store. All updates made to store pages need to be approved by the mall manager. Once approved, all changes and updates will reflect in the Store Directory.

Mall Lab is pioneering how shopping malls, their stores and customers all interact to create the ideal client-consumer relationship.