Information about Mall Lab

About Mall Lab

From assisting clients with various issues regarding their shopping mall websites, we became intrigued by the idea of creating an all-in-one solution where mall managers could effectively handle all mall marketing management requirements with ease and convenience. From creating a detailed store list to effortlessly managing and promoting events and more, we wanted a specialized solution that covered every aspect from A-Z, and thus Mall Lab was born.

After becoming aware of the numerous challenges mall managers face, we addressed key areas in a shopping mall’s online presence that require constant management, creating a central service designed to make the task of mall management as easy as possible for all involved.

One of the benefits of Mall Lab is that it provides limited access for others – such as store managers – to make necessary changes to their store’s listing. We understand how busy mall manager’s can be, which is why Mall Lab allows store managers to easily update their store contact information, website url, promotions as well as store description through the Admin Suite. Additionally, if the store moves to another location within the mall, their new location will automatically update on the mall’s interactive map once the store number changes. Admin and IT headaches will become a thing of the past.

With our user-friendly system, you will be able to manage every aspect of your mall’s website, from managing store listings and categories to creating exciting blog posts, promoting competitions, events, store promotions and more. Our system is designed to help you make the most out of your website while directly contributing to your business growth and saving you time and resources.

Mall Lab’s expertise extends to everything from hosting websites with high traffic to creating appealing copy and content for blog posts while ensuring that your website runs smoothly regardless of the device type or screen size. We also offer professional services in social media management, website creation and PR campaigns.

If you would like more information on how we can help your shopping mall’s website stand out, please contact us.

Easily Manage Your Mall’s Website

With Mall Lab, you can easily and efficiently manage every aspect of your shopping mall’s website. From creating must-read blog posts to allowing store managers to manage their listings, Mall Lab simplifies the process, allowing you to stay on top of your mall’s marketing management needs.

We Give You Proven Results With More Traffic

We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with shopping malls across South Africa. From developing their websites to sharing in their success, we take great pride in the work we do. We appreciate the feedback we receive regarding increased visitors and how easy our system is to use as we continue to provide services that directly contribute to our client’s business growth.