Shopping malls can manage their own competitions

Shopping Malls Can Manage Their Own Competitions

Through the power of Mall Lab’s system, shopping malls can manage their own competitions. This system promotes a simple-user experience. They can create the competition criteria by uploading an image and adding the completion information. This allows applicants to fill in their information, submit it and have it saved to a database. The author may create custom web forms, set out their selection of questions, fields and other form components.

All entries are listed and accessible within a database on their website. The mall manager can download the entries and retrieve the relevant CSV file to dictate the winner. The author may also create a terms and conditions page on the fly. Thereby; allowing for an official independent auditor (responsible for selecting the winner) to display their emblem.

If the competition takes place on Facebook or on another social media platform, the form will close and you will be redirected to the competition page. This means that the competition page can advertise competitions listed on Facebook. This allows for flexibility in marketing opportunities between multiple platforms.

This system also provides the ability to show competition-specific information on the home page of their website. Competitions may be scheduled to display on specific dates and automatically deleted, once the date ends. This function is a great feature for keeping all of your running competitions managed in a controlled manner.

Mall Lab is pioneering how malls, their stores and customers all interact to create the ideal client-consumer relationship.