Shopping Mall Map

New shopping mall map for Mall Lab Shopping Malls

Mall Lab bridges the gap between customers and shopping malls. With our new and innovative Mall Map, customers can utilise an interactive map to find what they need. By using a search function, customers can find the exact location of their search. The map provides a fully-interactive experience – allowing the user to navigate the map to view the store locations.

Once a store is either clicked on or searched, the customer can view all store details. Thereby; creating a simplified user experience for all customers wanting to avoid walking around for the store they need.

Mall Lab encourages store owners to manage their stores. By providing them with personal login details and the tools to personalise their page – mall managers can focus less on running pages and more on keeping their shopping mall going. Another added benefit of this personalised approach is the ability for shops to share their specials with potential customers.

Mall Lab is pioneering how malls, their stores and customers all interact to create the ideal client-consumer relationship.